Tutis Mio Plus Personal for each family



Just like people enjoy surprises, we are certain that they will love the newest Tutis edition – Mio Plus. With all the top-class technical features it has, this stroller is already a premium one, but maneuverable chassis, cozy carrycot, and spacious seat unit are not the only good things – Mio Plus is full of surprises.

It is an ergonomic city stroller that combines compactness and elegance. Mio Plus is the lightest and most compact full-size Tutis stroller yet. It was tailor-designed for busy and active urban life – to explore new places, stroll through cobblestones on busy shopping streets or catch up with friends in a tiny café.


Panoramic ventilation

On a warm sunny day, there is nothing better than enjoying pleasant sunshine and feeling fresh air on the skin. For this reason, all Tutis strollers, including Mio Plus, have a panoramic ventilation window built in as a secondary roof construction. And here is another Mio Plus surprise – there is a second ventilation window built in the carrycot, just under the hood. A double ventilation system not only allows to a sufficient supply of fresh air but it also gives more opportunities for your baby to observe the surroundings and get to know the world.







Ultra-light and ultra-compact carrycot that rocks

Mio Plus carrycot is created thinking about active families that travel a lot and have to carry the cot. This carrycot is the lightest one in Tutis family as it weighs only 2,6 kg. Another advantage is its compactness – Mio Plus carrycot can be folded and reduced twice its size to fit even in the tiniest spaces. Another amazing Mio Plus feature is the rocking side-to-side function – calm rocking will soothe and relax any restless baby.


Moreover, Tutis Mio Plus carrycot with higher and firmer walls and triple antibacterial lining fabrics creates a safe and cozy environment for the baby. Its leg cover has a full water-resistant zipper and integrated wind protection with invisible magnetic clasps which create an oasis for the baby and allow parents to easily reach the baby when needed. Another handly feature – integrated additional sun canopy will protect little one’s sleep from direct sunlight.




Secret illustrations for baby‘s development

All Tutis strollers are created around child‘s safety and tenderness. With this new stroller, we wanted to add an additional important aspect – early development. Tutis Mio Plus is special because there are hidden illustrations inside the canopy. It is well known that newborns are learning and developing very fast and giving a baby opportunity to focus on figures has a positive effect on development as it enhances baby’s vision and strengthens the connections between brains and eyes. Black and white were chosen because high contrasts are known to be easier for newborns to concentrate on. For illustrations, we have chosen to use sky objects such as the sun, moon, clouds, and stars as an encrypted message meaning that only the sky is a limit.







Exclusive new generation chassis

Mio Plus has the most ergonomic folding frame – one slider push makes the chassis foldable immediately and it folds into a compact package measuring 77 x 61 x 44 cm. But the best part of this new Tutis Mio Plus chassis is the fact the frame can be folded together with the seat unit from both sides – parent facing as well as front facing.

Furthermore, Mio Plus is exclusive for its double shock absorption – adjustable and extra soft amortization ensures an absolutely smooth stroll, maneuverability and extended durability of the stroller.







Double shock absorption

Mio Plus has a double shock-absorbing system which includes the amortisation of front and rear wheels to ensure smooth and comfortable strolls and the maneuverability of the stroller. Combined together with All-Road Technology wheels every journey will be smooth and effortless no matter the road conditions.








Details of luxury

Tutis Mio Plus offers 4 exclusive styles and colors made of the highest quality fabrics and eco-leather. Stylish Anthracite grey and black chassis colors, paired with 4 sophisticated fabric colors will make every parent feel confident like strolling the catwalk. Additionally, several exclusive embroidery pieces – well-recognizable Tutis spin logo on the hood, mattress and exclusive pillow ensures this stroller won‘t be unnoticed.


Learn more about Tutis Mio Plus: https://tutis.lt/strollers/tutis-mio-plus/

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