Tutis Viva 5+: Elevating Comfort and Luxury in Baby Strollers


Welcome to Tutis, where we make sure every trip with your little one is super comfy and fun. Since 1994, we’ve been making top-notch baby gear that’s cozy, reliable, and stylish. And now, we’re excited to introduce our newest gem: the Tutis Viva5+.


Memory Mattress: The Secret to Sweet Dreams

Imagine a mattress that hugs your baby like a cuddly teddy bear. That’s what our Memory Foam Mattress does! It’s like a magic carpet ride, absorbing all those bumpy vibrations for a sleep so peaceful, your little one will grow big and strong.


New Chassis: Smooth Sailing Everywhere

Our Viva5+ is built for adventure! With its fancy chassis and special wheels, it glides over any surface like a champ. Whether you’re strolling through the park or cruising around town, you and your baby will enjoy the smoothest ride ever.


Luxury Fabrics: Stylish and Safe

We believe in pampering your precious bundle with the best. That’s why our Viva5+ is wrapped in luxurious fabrics that are not only fancy but also super safe. They’re antibacterial inside and weatherproof outside, so your baby stays cozy and protected, rain or shine.



ThermoCot™ Carrycot: Cozy All Year Round

Meet our ThermoCot™ bassinet, your baby’s new best friend. It’s like a cozy cocoon, keeping your little one snug as a bug in any weather. And it’s so light and sturdy, you can take it anywhere without a worry.


Get Ready for Luxury and Peace of Mind

With our Tutis Viva5+, you’re in for a treat! It’s packed with cool features, looks awesome, and most importantly, keeps your baby safe and comfy. So, whether it’s a quiet stroll or a big adventure, our Viva5+ is your perfect partner in crime.


Join the Tutis family today and make every moment with your little one extra special!