Tutis Uno³+

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No. 1 Your family companion

As you get ready to discover new horizons with a new family member on board, you will need the best companion by your side. No matter who strolls the streets: parents or grandparents, simple yet clever design solutions will make your journeys effortless.


Sleek and smooth shape, neutral colour palette with luxurious decorative detailing and carefully selected high quality materials puts an emphasis on subtle and timeless design.


Extremely manoeuvrable and compact Uno³+ chassis is comfortable and convenient for daily adventures in the city and nature. New Tutis Uno³+ 2nd gen Thermocot™ carrycot stands out for its safety, lightness, and space.


Together Tutis Uno³+ you will always ride knowing that your baby is safe and comfortable in front of you, no matter where adventures will take you.

THE KEY Features

The ultra-light and spacious thermal carrycot ThermoCot™ with higher and firmer walls create a safer and more comfortable environment for the baby.


Due to sophisticated engineering, the chassis of the stroller compactly folds quickly and easily. The folded stroller will easily fit in your trunk or at home.


The seat unit and reliable sewing are optimized to the finest detail, and the noiseproof hood pulls down fully to create an oasis for extremely comfortable travel. According to the new certificate, the seat unit is suitable for children up to 22 kg.

Functionality All-Road™ technology wheels

Strollers featured with Tutis All-Road™ Technology are perfect for conquering forest paths while ensuring comfort for everyone involved. Due to a special filler material inside the wheels, you no longer need to worry about the risk of puncturing a tire. The innovative shape with an embossed line significantly increases mobility, making it exceptionally easy to maneuver the stroller. The soft and durable material of the wheels was selected to ensure flawless performance in all seasons and all weather conditions.

Functionality One Click™ brakes

One Click™ brakes were created for the simple and instant activation, thus ensure the highest safety.

Functionality Height adjustable eco-leather handle

Handlebar that adjust to different heights makes pushing the baby pram easier and more comfortable. The soft eco-leather is pleasant to the touch and gives the product luxury feeling.

Functionality Adjustable shock absorbing frame

Stroller with adjustable shock absorbing frame which allow you to adjust the stroller suspension to the surface you walk on.

Functionality Compactly foldable seat unit

Due to sophisticated engineering, the seat unit of the stroller compactly folds quickly and easily.  The folded stroller will easily fit in your trunk or at home.

Functionality Strolling module setting for with or against the direction of travel

Reversible seat means whatever age your child, you can choose the seat facing direction that’ll work for you both. Parent facing, your little one can look at you when she’s in her pushchair, so you can chatter away face-to-face. While world facing adds stimulation from everything going on out there.

Functionality Ventilation of bassinet canopy and strolling module

The easy to unmount main hood reveals the unique structure of the secondary hood with a panoramic window that ensures the greatest ventilation possible. Tutis Uno³+ seat unit also has an extra window of fabrics that protects the baby on a windy day.

Functionality Horizontal position

The seat unit of the Tutis Uno³+ stroller has an adjustable back that can be used even in several positions. This stroller has a horizontal position of the back, which is especially important when traveling with a baby.

Functionality Foot cover with the zippers

The leg cover of  Tutis Uno³+ has integrated zippers on both sides, so there is no need to remove the cover completely every time there’s a need to check on the baby.

Functionality Peek-a-boo window

This is a window in your stroller canopy you can open to peek at your baby. This is perfect solution for parents who love to be able to see their little one without breaking stride.

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  1. Carrycot
  2. Seat unit
  3. The protective handle of the seat unit
  4. Chassis
  5. Shopping bag
  6. Cup holder
  7. Backpack
  8. Cover for carrycot
  9. Cover for seat unit
  10. Mattress
  11. Rain protection
  12. Mosquito net

Pram body inside dimensions / weight: 84×38 cm / 3 kg
Seat unit inside dimensions / weight: 98×40 cm / 3,5 kg
Chassis + wheels: 7,7 kg
Folded fits into the space: 78x62x33 cm
*Dimensions : length, width, height, weight.


Tutis Uno³+

No. 1 your family companion Find a store