Tutis Mio Plus

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Personal for each family

Meet Mio Plus – the latest Tutis stroller that fulfills all the wishes of new parents. It is the most ergonomic city stroller that combines compactness and elegance.

The modern design of the segmental canopy structure makes the Mio Plus stand out from the crowd, while the luxurious embroidery along with the quality fabrics and sophisticated ventilation system make this stroller premium.


It is a stroller adapted to a busy and active city life – exploring new places, walking along busy shopping streets or meeting friends in a cafe in the old town.

THE KEY Features

Tutis Mio Plus carrycot is impressive for its ultra-lightness and compactness. This carrycot has a rocking and compact folding function weighs only 2,6 kg and is perfect for active parents. With a double ventilation system, exclusive illustrations in the canopy and a comfortable mattress, it will be your baby’s sleeping heaven.


Mio Plus has the most ergonomic folding chassis – just a gentle push makes the chassis fold compactly. With double shock absorption in the front and rear wheels, durable All-Road Technology tyres and an extendable shopping bag, each journey will be a pleasurable ride.


The lightweight aluminium chassis folds compactly with a seat unit facing both ways. Weights only 10,8kg (including wheels). Mio Plus seat unit is designed to create a safe and cosy space for your baby. It has an exclusive, longer backrest and full horizontal position for a comfy sleep. Certified up to 22 kg.

Functionality & Design Magnetics claps

The leg cover has magnetic closure to prevent entry of any cold wind.

Functionality & Design Illustrations for early development

A variety of high-contrast illustrations inside the canopy helps to enhance a baby’s vision and to strengthen connections between the brains and eyes. We have chosen sky objects such as sun, moon, clouds, and stars as an encrypted message meaning that only the sky is a limit.

Functionality & Design Sun canopy

Mio Plus has a sizable hood that protects baby from bad weather or sun exposure. The hood is folded easily by pressing just one button on the side. For additional protection, Mio Plus has double hood extensions, one in the form of a sturdy visor that, depending on the situation, can be easily folded in or out and an additional one that creates a full screen and shields baby from the sun or provides privacy.

Functionality & Design Rocking feature

Mio carrycot has a special side to side rocking feature that is irreplaceable when the baby needs to calm down and relax. Furthermore, rocking carrycot enhances the development of vestibular and proprioceptive functions of the baby. A sense of
balance is extremely important for a child’s further development: walking and other motor skills.

Functionality & Design All-Road™ technology wheels

Tutis All-Road™ wheels are easy to maneuver and perfect for conquering off-road and forest paths, while ensuring comfort for everyone involved. The wheels are resistant to scratches and deformation and special texture makes All-Road™ tires more durable.

Functionality & Design Spacious shopping bag

A spacious shopping bag with a magnetic closure where parents can conveniently store up to 2 kg of their shopping or baby items.

Functionality & Design One-Click™ brake system

One-Click™ brake system ensures the highest safety. Because of its simple and instant activation, the stroller can be stopped with just a one-foot click.

Functionality & Design Extra large sun canopy hood

Extra large hood prevents your little one from bad weather or sun exposure and the panoramic mesh window ensures the greatest ventilation. 

Functionality & Design Double ventilation system

Mio Plus canopy has a double ventilation system. The upper panoramic mesh window ensures great ventilation and the lower ventilation opening is perfect for a baby to observe the surroundings.

Functionality & Design Adjustable footrest

The footrest can be adjusted according to the individual height and laying position needs. For better rest, the platform, together with the back of the seat unit, can form a completely lie-flat position.

Functionality & Design Antibacterial inner fabrics

The inner fabrics are coated following the special SILVER-IONS™ technology, due to which the fabrics become antibacterial.

Functionality & Design Mattress

A soft and breathable mattress consists of three different layers: cotton with SILVER-IONS™  protection, cotton and polyester, and wool and polyester.

Functionality & Design Two strolling positions

Reversible seat means you can choose the seat facing direction that will work for both of you. Parent facing, your little one can look at you when strolling with a pushchair, so you can chatter away face-to-face. While facing the world, allows little ones to explore the world.

Functionality & Design Height adjustable eco-leather handle

Due to ergonomic design, the chassis handle can be adjusted both up and down to 11 positions in order to be convenient for tall and short people. Furthermore, Mio Plus handle is covered in eco-leather, which is durable and pleasant to the touch.

Functionality & Design Double shock absorbing system

Double shock-absorbing system ensures an absolutely smooth stroll and maneuverability of the stroller.

Functionality & Design Full horizontal position

The seat part can be reclined in 3 positions: sit down, full horizontal for sleeping, and intermediate/standard. The full horizontal position measures at 100 cm in length and 40 cm in width to allow the baby to stretch out comfortably.

Functionality & Design Light reflectors

To keep your baby safe in the darkness, there are integrated light reflectors on the frame.

Functionality & Design Easy transportation

Chassis belt offers a convenient way to carry a folded stroller on the shoulder.

Functionality & Design 5-point magnetic harness

The 5-point magnetic harness system ensures the safety of the baby. Additional openings in the seat unit allow to move the seatbelts according to the baby’s height.

Functionality & Design Adaptors with memory function

A convenient button memory system gives parents more freedom of movement as it is designed to be used with just one hand.

Colours What's in the box Dimensions
color tutis
color tutis
color tutis
color tutis
  1. Carrycot
  2. Seat unit
  3. The protective handle of the seat unit
  4. Chassis
  5. Shopping bag
  6. Chassis belt
  7. Bag-backpack
  8. Carrycot leg cover
  9. Seat unit leg cover
  10. Mattress
  11. Rain protection
  12. Mosquito net

Pram body inside dimensions / weight: 81×39 cm / 2,6 kg
Seat unit inside dimensions / weight: 92×33 cm / 3,3 kg
Chassis + wheels: 7,5 kg
Folded fits into the space: 75x61x40,5 cm
*Dimensions : length, width, height, weight.


Tutis Mio Plus

Personal for each family Find a store