Tutis Mio – lightness and compactness in one stroller



Meet Mio – the lightest and most compact full-size Tutis stroller yet. The name says it all. MIO means mine in Italian and this stroller will be your very own. Mio will accompany you to explore new places, it will be easy to push through cobblestones in busy shopping streets, and its lightweight frame and superior maneuverability will allow you to take it along to even the most crowded spaces such as tiny cafes or elevators.



Front and parent-facing folding


If you value a smooth stroll experience when there are absolutely no shaking for the baby and there is absolutely no need to push the stroller because it just slides – Mio is your answer. Mio is exclusive for its double shock absorption – adjustable and extra soft amortization ensures absolutely smooth strolls, a high level of maneuverability, and extended stroller durability.


Furthermore, this stroller has the most ergonomic folding frame – one slider push makes the chassis foldable immediately and it folds into a compact package measuring 77 x 61 x 44 cm. And the most amazing part of this new Tutis Mio chassis – the frame can be folded together with the seat unit from both sides – parent facing as well as front facing.



The lightest and most compact carrycot that rocks


Mio carrycot was created thinking about active families that travel a lot and often have to carry the cot to the car or back home. This carrycot is the lightest one in Tutis family as it weighs only 2,6 kg. Moreover, Mio carrycot can be folded and reduced twice its size to fit even in the tiniest spaces. Another amazing Mio feature is the rocking side-to-side function – calm rocking will soothe and relax any restless baby. In terms of practicality, the leg cover has half zippers and integrated wind protection with invisible magnetic clasps which create an oasis for the baby and allow parents to easily reach the little one when needed.





Double shock absorption


Mio has a double shock-absorbing system which includes the amortisation of front and rear wheels to ensure smooth and comfortable strolls and the maneuverability of the stroller. Combined together with All-Road Technology wheels every journey will be smooth and effortless no matter the road conditions.



Extended usage


Tutis Mio has a wide and comfortable seat unit that is suitable for kids up to 3 years old or 22 kg. The seat with an elongated backrest and updated footrest together transform into a full horizontal lying position (L: 100 cm. , W: 40 cm) and is perfect for afternoon naps outside. Higher side protection walls ensure a child could safely snuggle into their comfortable seat, while parents go about their business.



Sensory fabric for tactile system


It is essential to start developing your baby’s sensory system from the very beginning. For this reason, the insides and the mattress of Mio cot are lined with special sensory fabric. The fabric has tiny rubber bubbles which gently massage the baby’s skin and help to develop your little one’s tactile system development.



Solid design


Contemporary design with a segmental canopy structure makes this stroller stand out from the crowd, while eco-leather finishing adds a touch of ease. There are several benefits of eco-leather strollers – it is easier to clean and is more resistant to rain, also, it is safe for babies with allergies.


Tutis Mio comes in 5 pastel colors: dark grey, camel, sage, light grey, and beige. Paired with either matte black or gray chassis, these pastels create a perfect synergy and make Mio stroller a stylish parenthood companion.

Tutis Mio is the perfect choice for those who appreciate practicality paired with top-level technical quality.