New Tutis Uno³+ eco-leather collection – a sophisticated touch of luxury


Tutis always try to find the best technological and design solutions for parents. That is why we have designed Tutis Uno³+ eco-leather collection in a new color gamma for the trendiest look.


Tutis Uno³+ eco-leather collection distinguishes for an exceptional softness that gives the stroller luxurious and quality looks. Sense of balance was emphasized by refined shades of eco-leather, fabric, and metal details. Every detail of Tutis Uno³+ has been tailor-made for the modern family, with a compact and maneuverable chassis and 2nd gen Thermocot™ carrycot it is designed to make traveling a breeze.


Due to its exceptional quality properties, the outer layer of the Tutis Uno³+ eco-leather is water and dirt-resistant, so in case of sudden rain, the material will not get wet, and all dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Meanwhile, the inner part of the leather ideally evaporates moisture, which is accumulated inside and is breathable.


In the new color gamma, we added a fresh range of colorful new looks. Exclusive and durable eco-leather in light mint and peach gives the stroller a fresh and bright look. Perfect for bright-eyed parents who want to stand out from the crowd.


Meet our Tutis Uno³+ bright new looks:

166 Licorice – Representing classic style with a sense of confidence.

167 Caramel – Refined and graceful elegance.

168 Black sesame – Calm, sophisticated and always on trend.

196 Light Mint – Dazzling and cheerful that can trigger creativity and a sense of freshness and lightness.

197 Peach – Delicate yet strong, evoking a sense of warmth and joy.



Tutis Uno³+ includes all qualities that a great stroller must have: safe, durable, and delicate for the parents and the babies. Keep your parenting style elegant and bright with the new Tutis Uno³+ eco-leather collection.


Tutis Uno³+ leather collection will be available in Tutis partners’ shops in July. The list of Tutis shops can be found here: 

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