Tutis VIVA⁴ Essential collection



Tutis Viva⁴ strollers were inspired by the modern lifestyle, which often takes place in loud and dynamic cities. To contrast bright and busy city life, we have created a collection that radiates sophistication. The Essential collection features a modern design with clean forms and minimalistic details. It combines simple yet refined design choices that together create a striking effect and make this collection a staple. Tutis Viva⁴ Essential is dedicated to parents who appreciate subtle elegance combined with top-class technical features 


Yin and Yang color contrast 

The main feature of this collection is subtle color blocking. Both, the carrycot and seat unit consist of two perfectly paired fabrics that are connected through the center-going seam. The decorative central seam balances stroller‘s design by separating it into two contrasting colors. Two colors symbolize Yin and Yang – we have chosen to pair either light and dark or matte and glossy to show how one color complements the other.  


Clean embroidery design 

Sometimes a new collection requires extensive embroidery and sometimes all it needs is simplicity and ease. Tutis Viva⁴ Essential is exactly like that. Elegant embroidered waves on the leg cover and the backpack echo the design of the canopy and tie it all together. Modern waves were chosen as they symbolize the change in flow we face throughout life. 

Exclusive eco-leather models for practicality   

For more practical families we can offer another exclusive collection – Viva⁴ Eco-leather. There are several benefits of eco-leather strollers, such as the ease of cleaning, safety for babies with allergies, and resistance to rain. Viva⁴ Eco-leather stroller collection comes in 3 classic and easy-to-style colors: 085 Cloud, 086 Vanilla, and 087 Shadow Grey.   


Technical features 

Just like the previous Viva⁴ collections, strollers from Eco-leather and Essential collection feature all the latest Tutis technical elements. Including ultralight Thermo-Cot™ carrycot to protect your baby, a compact foldable frame, 3rd generation maneuvrable chassis with a double shock absorption system, and the latest All-Road™technology wheels that will feel like strolling through the clouds.  


Tutis Viva⁴ Essential offers 6 exclusive styles made of the highest quality fabrics and eco-leather. A classic yet stylish black chassis finishes the look of refined elegance and simplicity. Additionally, all stroller models in the collection come with accessories: a backpack, a mosquito net, rain protection, and a cup holder for your favorite beverage. 


Tutis Viva⁴ Essential strollers are available for purchase in our partners’ stores. 

Check the list of our locations here: https://tutis.lt/find-a-store/. 

Learn more about Tutis Viva⁴: https://tutis.lt/strollers/tutis-viva/.