Thermo technology – safety bubble for your baby


Stroller is the first vehicle that takes your baby to meet the outside world and this is the exact reason why it needs to be perfect. We believe that the stroller’s cot should create a safety bubble which protects the pureness of your infant from anything that could happen outdoors – unpleasant microclimate, temperature change, and accidental impacts. 


With this belief, we have created – what has already become Tutis distinctive feature – thermo technology. This technology allows us to offer the best conditions for the babies in any country and in any season – spring, summer, autumn or winter. 


Now we present an updated Tutis Thermo technology version – a modern pad that has all of the best Thermo technology features, weighs even less and is perfect for the comfort of your baby. 



Protection against external forces

The mixture of materials used for the Thermo technology pad is both incredibly robust and elastic. As similar materials are used in the construction of safety helmets, tests on this technology revealed that its construction could support up to 104 kg of weight and 24 kg of weight applied at a height of 0.5 m. Tutis Thermo technology pad ensures the safest environment for your child, offering both micro-regulation and defense against outside dangers.


Equalized temperature for summer and winter

Thermo technology is built to have a high thermal resistance which makes sure the temperature in the cot stays ideal for the well-being of your baby. This means neither harsh winter cold nor summer heat will affect the microclimate of the cot and it will remain perfect for your baby. Equalized temperature is not only comfortable for the little one, but it also shields the carrycot from moisture buildup, which prevents the development of mold and bacteria.


Almost weightless 

As cot’s main function is to transport and be transported, redundant weight could be a serious drawback. But with Tutis Thermo technology there is no such problem as this technology uses extra lightweight materials that do not add on additional weight to the cot. Thermo pad weighs only 0,35 kg which is even lighter than regular pads used in other strollers.  


Advanced air movement 

The patterns of the thermo pad were specifically designed to increase the airflow. As the baby lays flat on the base of the cot, all cot’s layers compress and there is no space for the air to get in. These conditions would be a good environment for mold and bacteria to grow, but thermo pad design features cutouts that encourages air movement and thus keeps the carrycot dry while the baby stays perfectly warm. 


The newest Thermo technology pad will be available in Tutis Mio Plus Thermo strollers.