TUTIS astonishes the world by its innovations


The international fair of children products was held in Germany on the 20th-23rd of September. This event has been held for more than 50 years already and it is used for presentation of famous global brands and manufacturers of children products. “TUTUTIS”, the only manufacturer of baby strollers in the Baltic States, was also among more than 1200 participants of the fair.


The Scandinavians showed interest in the Lithuanian baby strollers


The company has been participating in the largest fair of children products for six years already and it noticed that the interest in “TUTUTIS” baby strollers has been growing steadily every year.

“The biggest appreciation is to see the growing confidence of global partners in the baby strollers created in Lithuania. We are pleased that the number of buyers from the Northern Europe is growing, as these are the persons, who apply especially high standards for the trademarks they represent, and the baby strollers TUTIS are among them,” –Vaidotas Staškūnas, the company’s engineer and product manager has shared his insights


Big attention to design and innovative technical solutions


“TUTUTIS” was drawing attention of the fair’s visitors by solutions of innovative technologies and modern design. The limited collection of the trademark “Aero Tutis” with the design created by designer Agnė Kuzmickaitė received major attention and compliments.

The baby stroller was distinguished not only by exclusive design, but also by especially light thermal cradle made from the certified material Arcel™. This material used to make helmets creates a safe environment for the baby and does not let him get cold or too hot in the cradle.


Production of TUTUTIS is winning over hearts of the European families


It would probably be impossible to count, how many children started their big journeys in the baby strollers “Tutis”. The purpose of the company “TUTUTIS” that was established in Kaunas 20 years ago was to create something for the Lithuanian moms and dads that they needed the most – to ensure that the product selected by them for their children would be reliable, durable and cost-effective. So it was natural to start making own baby strollers.

At present four fifths of our production are imported to Russia. The Italian, Bulgarian, Czech and Nordic babies are also sleeping in the Lithuanian baby strollers.

Although a very small portion of the baby strollers stays in Lithuania, the company’s managers are pleased that the trademark “TUTIS” is appreciated in Lithuania and the golden medal of the Lithuanian product of the year 2017 was awarded to the baby stroller “Aero Tutis”.

UAB Tututis is the only company in the Baltic States that is making and selling baby strollers. It started operating in 1998 and intends to become a leading manufacturer of baby strollers in Europe. At present the company is distributing its products to 19 different European markets. One of the most successful trademarks of the company “Tutis” has a history of 15 years and has been awarded for its quality and reliability both in Lithuania and Russia.