Tutis Sky

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Comfortable stroller for family adventures

Meet compact stroller for adventures in the city – Tutis Sky! The lightest pram with unseen features in Tutis family! A smart choice for parents who care about functionality and usability. With the lightweight foldable carrycot and compact, durable chassis, Tutis SKY is perfect for restless families wandering the world. The unique feature of the stroller – swinging carrycot, develops the baby’s motor functioning.


Silky-like or glossy leather material, soft yet playful tones are easy to fall in love with so that the stroller will appeal to everybody!

The key Features
Ultralight foldable carrycot

Tutis SKY’s foldable carrycot folds in just a few seconds, making transportation and storage quick and easy. Compact folding system folds the carrycot so thin that it can fit even in the tiniest spaces, so you can easily take it with you, wherever you go! A smart choice for parents who are always on the move.

Rocking carrycot

Rocking carrycot enhances the development of vestibular and proprioceptive functions of the baby. A sense of balance is extremely important for a child’s further development: walking and other motor skills.

Manoeuvrable and compact chassis

The flexibility of Tutis SKY is undeniable: x3 shock absorption system prevents the discomfort of bumps on the road and provides comfort. Additional shock absorption is provided by the wide inflatable wheels.

Functionality One Click™ brakes

One Click™ brakes were created for the simple and instant activation, thus ensure the highest safety. RealGel™ wheels are filled with special gel that extends the durability and makes sure that no additional maintenance of the wheels is required.

Functionality Ventilation of bassinet canopy and strolling module

The easy to unmount main hood reveals the unique structure of the secondary hood with a panoramic window that ensures the greatest ventilation possible. The hoods of the carrycot and seat unit are coated with exclusive quality polyester that is resilient to wind, rain and snow, and quickly evaporates the moisture that builds up inside.

Functionality Height adjustable eco-leather handle

Handlebar that adjust to different heights makes pushing the baby pram easier and more comfortable.

Functionality Adjustable shock absorbing frame

Stroller with adjustable shock absorbing frame which allow you to adjust the stroller suspension to the surface you walk on.

Functionality Compactly foldable seat unit

Due to sophisticated engineering, the seat unit of the stroller compactly folds quickly and easily . The folded stroller will easily fit in your trunk or at home.

Functionality Strolling module setting for with or against the direction of travel

Reversible seat means whatever age your child, you can choose the seat facing direction that’ll work for you both. Parent facing, your little one can look at you when she’s in her pushchair, so you can chatter away face-to-face. While world facing adds stimulation from everything going on out there.

Functionality Horizontal position

The seat unit of the Tutis SKY stroller has an adjustable back that can be used even in several positions. This stroller has a horizontal position of the back, which is especially important when traveling with a baby.

Functionality Foot cover with the zippers

The leg cover of Tutis SKY has integrated zippers on both sides, so there is no need to remove the cover completely every time there’s a need to check on the baby. We had this feature integrated in other models before and parents really enjoy it!

Colours What's in the box Dimensions
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1. Cradle
2. Seat unit
3. Sport chassis
4. Cup holder
5. Protective handle of seat unit
6. Mother bag
7. Cover for cradle
8. Cover for seat unit
9. Coconut mattress
10. Rain protection
11. Mosquito net

Pram body inside dimensions / weight: 80×38 cm / 2,5 kg
Seat unit inside dimensions / weight: 98×38 cm / 3,4 kg
Chassis + wheels: 7,5 kg
Folded fits into the space: 74×36 cm

*Dimensions : length, width, height, weight.


Tutis Sky

Comfortable stroller for family adventures Find a store