Tutis Mio

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Personal for each family

Meet Mio – the most compact Tutis stroller. Mio is ultra-lightweight and ultra-convenient—it‘s the lightest and most compact full-size Tutis stroller yet. 


Mio was tailor-designed for busy and active urban life – to explore new places, stroll through busy shopping streets or catch up with friends in a café. 


Mio seat unit can be folded together with the chassis both ways. Most importantly, the seat unit has a spacious seat with an elongated backrest and updated footrest that together transform into a full horizontal lying position and allows baby to rest while parents go about their business.

THE KEY Features

Tutis Mio carrycot is impressive for its ultra-lightness and compactness. This carrycot weighs only 2,6 kg and it is perfect for active parents who love traveling or the ones who are always on the move. Furthermore, it is foldable and can be reduced twice its size so it can fit even in the tiniest spaces.


Mio has the most ergonomic folding frame – one slider push makes the chassis foldable immediately. The chassis can be folded into a compact package measuring 77 x 61 x 44 cm. Furthermore, seat unit can be folded together with the chassis both ways (front and rear-facing).


Mio seat unit is designed to create a safe and cozy space for your baby. Seat’s inner measurements are 92 x 33 x 52 cm. Taller side walls ensure that the baby is well protected from accidents such as falling out.

Functionality & Design Magnetics claps

The leg cover has magnetic closure to prevent entry of any cold wind.

Functionality & Design All-Road™ technology wheels

Tutis All-Road™  wheels are easy to maneuver and perfect for conquering off-road and forest paths, while ensuring comfort for everyone involved. The wheels are resistant to scratches and deformation and special texture makes All-Road™ tires more durable.

Functionality & Design Spacious shopping bag

A spacious and open shopping bag, where parents can conveniently store up to 2 kg of their shopping or baby items.

Functionality & Design One-Click™ brake system

One-Click™ brake system ensures the highest safety. Because of its simple and instant activation, the stroller can be stopped with just a one-foot click.

Functionality & Design XL hood extension with ventilation

Extra large hood prevents your little one from bad weather or sun exposure and the panoramic mesh window ensures the greatest ventilation. 

Functionality & Design Leg cover with zippers

The leg cover has half zippers and snaps to ensure the cover stays securely on the seat unit while it‘s still easy to reach the baby when needed.

Functionality & Design Adjustable footrest

The footrest can be adjusted according to the individual height and laying position needs. For better rest, the platform, together with the back of the seat unit, can form a completely lie-flat position.

Functionality & Design Sensory inner fabric

It is essential to start developing your baby’s sensory system. For this reason, the insides and the mattress of Mio cot are lined with special sensory fabric. The fabric has tiny rubber bubbles which gently massage the baby’s skin and help to develop little one’s tactile system development.

Functionality & Design Two strolling positions

Reversible seat means you can choose the seat facing direction that will work for both of you. Parent facing, your little one can look at you when strolling with a pushchair, so you can chatter away face-to-face. While facing the world, allows little ones to explore the world.

Functionality & Design Height adjustable eco-leather handle

Due to ergonomic design, the chassis handle can be adjusted both up and down to 11 positions in order to be convenient for tall and short people. Furthermore, Mio handle is covered in eco-leather, which is durable and pleasant to the touch.

Functionality & Design Double shock absorbing system

Mio has a double shock-absorbing system which includes the amortisation of front and rear wheels to ensure smooth and comfortable strolls and the maneuverability of the stroller.

Functionality & Design Full horizontal position

The seat part can be reclined in 3 positions: sit down, full horizontal for sleeping, and intermediate/standard. The full horizontal position measures at 100 cm in length and 40 cm in width to allow the baby to stretch out comfortably.

Functionality & Design Folding with a seat unit

Due to new construction, either the front or parent-facing seat position can be compactly folded together with a chassis like a book. This folding system gives parents a choice of freedom when it comes to transportation and allows them to get things done faster.

Functionality & Design Easy transportation

Chassis belt offers a convenient way to carry folded stroller on the shoulder.

Functionality & Design 5-point magnetic harness

The 5-point magnetic harness system ensures the safety of the baby. Additional openings in the seat unit allow to move the seat belts according to the baby’s height.

Functionality & Design Adaptors with memory function

A convenient button memory system gives parents more freedom of movement as it is designed to be used with just one hand.

Colours What's in the box Dimensions
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  1. Carrycot
  2. Seat unit
  3. Chassis
  4. Chassis belt
  5. The protective handle of the seat unit
  6. Bag-backpack
  7. Seat unit leg cover
  8. Mattress
  9. Carrycot leg cover
  10. Shopping bag
  11. Mosquito net
  12. Rain protection

Pram body inside dimensions / weight: 81×39 cm / 2,6 kg
Seat unit inside dimensions / weight: 92×33 cm / 3,6 kg
Chassis + wheels: 7,5 kg
Folded fits into the space: 76x61x40,5 cm
*Dimensions : length, width, height, weight.


Tutis Mio

Personal for each family Find a store