1. TUTUTIS Ltd gives 2-year warranty for purchased stroller form the day of the purchase, if it is used according to its purpose.

2. All reclamations due to the defects of the product must be claimed in the company, in which you have purchased the product. Reclamations of scratches which appeared after the purchase – not accepted.

3. The manufacturer or a serving company performs warranty maintenance, about which informs a seller.

4. Physical defects of the stroller, noticed during the warranty period will be eliminated in 21 day period after the stroller is brought to the manufacturer company (in cooperation with the seller).

5. The warranty period is being prolonged correspondingly, according to the tie of the maintenance.

6. A giver of the warranty is instituting the type of maintenance of the stroller.

7. It is necessary to deliver a clean product, due to which the reclamation is claimed.

8. If the warranty document has been lost, duplicates are not issued.

9. The warranty is valid in the territory of the EU.

10. The warranty, issued for sold and being consumed goods, does not deny or suspend rights of the purchaser, related with product’s nonconformity to the conditions of the contact.