Tutis Viva⁴ STAR Edition: Shine Bright and Brave, Little Dreamer


A safe and calmly sleeping baby – a dream come true to many. And for those who like to dream big and don’t mind to stand out, Tutis created a limited collection inspired by the magic of a falling star. Only Tutis Viva4 STAR edition strollers have unique volumetric stars on the side of the carrycot to wish your little star that even their bravest dreams come true.


The only stroller with volumetric design details

The newest Tutis Viva⁴ STAR collection is exclusive by design. Detachable 3D deco pieces extend its bespoke falling star embroidery on the carrycot and make your baby’s first transport unforgettable and impossible to confuse with any other stroller.


Soft velvet and eco-leather detachable 3D stars –  two large and one smaller, made of soft and super pleasant to touch materials, the stars on the carrycot’s hood and backpack can be easily detached and repositioned as desired. You can create your own starry composition!


Unique embroidery pattern created for STAR only – associated with success, fame, and admiration, the symbol of star is embroidered inside the carrycot, and also on its leg cover to resemble a tail of a falling star.


The Limited Edition label and logo on the carrycot helps distinguish this collection and gives it even more exclusivity – it’s a perfect choice for parents who don’t mind a little extra attention. Only Tutis Viva⁴ STAR collection’s carrycot has OEKO-TEX® cotton fabrics in matching star print for your littles ones’ sweetest dreams.


New generation wheels – Tutis All-Road™ Technology. Imagine riding as softly as on fluffy clouds – that’s the feel with Tutis All-Road™ Technology. Designed by our in-house engineering team, the new wheels are perfect for conquering off-road and forest paths, while ensuring comfort for everyone involved. Due to a special filler material inside the wheels, you no longer need to worry about the risk of puncturing a tire. The innovative shape with an embossed line significantly increases mobility, making it exceptionally easy to maneuver the stroller. The soft and durable material of the wheels was selected to ensure flawless performance in all seasons and all weather conditions.


Elegant and classy color combinations. Every model in Tutis Viva⁴ STAR collection has its distinct mood:

  • Black Star on a black eco-leather carrycot – a mysterious hero, fearless and bold.
  • Gold Star on gold eco-leather carrycot – for dreamy and glimmering fairytale strolls.
  • White Star on a milkyway white eco-leather carrycot – subtle, shiney, and exclusively minimalistic.


Tutis Viva⁴ STAR collection is the perfect choice for those who want to raise little heroes daring to go after their dreams. Featured with ultralight THERMO-COT™ technology to protect your baby, compact foldable frame and lightweight aluminum chassis with double shock absorption system, Tutis Viva⁴ STAR is an exclusive companion for a comfortable experience with a pinch of luxurious limited feel. All stroller models in the collection come with accessories: a backpack, a mosquito net, rain protection, and a cup holder for your favorite beverage.


Tutis Viva⁴ STAR strollers will be available for purchase in our partners’ stores in April.

Check the list of our locations here: https://tutis.lt/find-a-store/.

Learn more about Tutis Viva⁴ STAR:https://tutis.lt/strollers/tutis-viva/.


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