Tutis Uno³+ ETNO Edition: Symbols of Eternal Virtues in a Modern Design



A peaceful magical evening or a sunny morning in the countryside? Our daily experiences are ever-changing and versatile, but the core virtues remain the same. In our newest Tutis Uno³ + ETNO edition, we expressed the invisible bond with family, home, and nature using ethnographic symbols that are native to many cultures.


Three novelties in a single collection


Tutis Uno³+ ETNO is a great choice for your baby’s first-ever transport as its models exceed the possibilities of their predecessors. We introduced three new features that no previous models have!


New generation wheels – Tutis All-Road™ Technology. Designed by our in-house engineering team, the new wheels are perfect for conquering off-road and forest paths, while ensuring comfort for everyone involved. Due to a special filler material inside the wheels, you no longer need to worry about the risk of puncturing a tire. The innovative shape with an embossed line significantly increases mobility, making it exceptionally easy to maneuver the stroller. The soft and durable material of the wheels was selected to ensure flawless performance in all seasons and all weather conditions.


Unique embroidery pattern created for ETNO only – a modern interpretation of the cosmic and nature’s symbols. Using the elements of the Sun, the Moon, and the Tree of Life, we wanted to encrypt the notions of wisdom, of being present in the now and open to the future.


Unique chassis colors and eco-leather fabric shades. Every model in Tutis Uno³+ ETNO collection has its distinct mood and takes you to a different childhood moment:



  • Sunrise 640 – with a subtly glimmering warm pearl tone chassis – sunny childhood summers in a countryside where time doesn’t count yet memories remain forever.
  • Earth 642 – with a dark gray earthy tone chassis – safety and serenity. Coming back to the roots, the earth, and everything real.
  • Moonshine 646 – with a dark gray earthy tone chassis – a magical night hour for dreamy bedtime stories under the gleaming moonlight.




Tutis Uno³+ ETNO collection is the perfect choice for those who appreciate nature, active life, and comfort — featured with soft, water-resistant, and UV50+ protected eco-leather fabric, second-generation Thermocot™ carrycot, easily maneuverable chassis, and the new Tutis All-Road™ Technology wheels, these strollers are the no. 1 family companions. All stroller models in the collection come with accessories: a mosquito net, rain protection, and a cup holder for your favorite beverage.


Tutis Uno³+ ETNO strollers will be available for purchase in our partners’ stores at the end of February.

Check the list of our locations here: https://tutis.lt/find-a-store/

Learn more about Tutis Uno³+ ETNO: www.tutis.lt/vezimeliai/tutis-uno/