Tutis Sky – the lightest pram with unseen features in Tutis family



Meet compact stroller for adventures in the city – Tutis Sky! The lightest pram with unseen features in the Tutis family! A smart choice for parents who care about functionality and usability.  With the lightweight foldable carrycot and compact, durable chassis, Tutis SKY is perfect for restless families wandering the world. The unique feature of the stroller – swinging carrycot, develops the baby’s motor functioning.


Silky-like or glossy leather material, soft yet playful tones are easy to fall in love with so that the stroller will appeal to everybody!




Tutis Sky has an unseen feature in the carrycot – lateral swinging. It helps the brains of babies to develop! Swinging activates the vestibular system, sends signals from the muscles and joints to the brain, makes you feel gravity, and thus improves muscle tone, coordination and posture – balance. A sense of balance is extremely important for a child’s further development: walking and other motor skills. This kind of swing has been used since ancient times to put a baby to sleep.

This rocking carrycot also folds – this is a great advantage for those living in the city or who just love to travel. The folded carrycot takes up very little space, so it is actually very convenient to transport. This carrycot is the lightest we have ever created: it weighs just 2.7 kg. Although the carrycot folds, its construction is very strong, so the baby will feel really safe.




Sky stroller outperforms all Tutis products so far in terms of lightness and compactness – the total weight of the stroller is only 10.5 kg together with the wheels! Sky is perfect for those living in the city or who like to travel.




The flexibility of Tutis SKY is undeniable: x3 shock absorption system prevents the discomfort of bumps on the road and provides comfort. It allows you to regulate smoothness depending on the weight of your child and the surface of the road. x3 shock absorption also makes Tutis SKY a long-lasting product, because it protects the chassis from wearing out.

The chassis of Tutis SKY has an x3 shock absorption system. Rear and side absorption systems adjust to the changing weight of the baby and manage the smooth and effective motion on any terrain while additional shock absorption is provided by the wide inflatable wheels.






  • Ultralight foldable and rocking carrycot
  • Foot cover with the zippers
  • Wind protection
  • Ventilation in the hood
  • Adjustable sun canopy
  • Hood with silky-like or glossy leather material
  • Internal cotton fabrics with SILVER-IONS™ technology
  • Water-resistant and UV 50+ protection materials
  • Height adjustable eco-leather handle



  • x3 shock absorption system
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Height adjustable eco-leather handle
  • Enclosed shopping basket
  • Safer chassis. No gaps in bending points
  • ONE-CLICK™ brake system
  • Fastenable front wheels
  • Aluminum chassis


Seat unit:

  • Comfortable seat unit with lie-flat position
  • Strolling module setting for with or against the direction of travel
  • Double hood extension with ventilation
  • 5-point system of safety harness
  • Adjustable platform




What’s in the box:

  1. Carrycot
  2. Seat unit
  3. Chassis with a shopping bag
  4. Cupholder
  5. The protective handle of the seat unit
  6. Mother bag
  7. Cover for carrycot
  8. Cover for seat unit
  9. Mattress
  10. Rain protection
  11. Mosquito net



Pram body inside dimensions / weight: 80×38 cm / 2,5 kg

Seat unit inside dimensions / weight: 98×38 cm / 3,4 kg

Chassis + wheels: 7,5 kg

Folded fits into space: 74×36 cm



Find out more: https://tutis.lt/strollers/tutis-sky/ 

The list of Tutis shops can be found here:  www.tutis.lt/en/find-a-store