Tutis All-Road™ Technology – Smooth Ride in All Conditions


In search of innovative ways to improve Tutis strollers even further, our engineers designed new generation wheels Tutis All-Road™ Technology.



Strollers featured with Tutis All-Road™ Technology are perfect for conquering forest paths while ensuring comfort for everyone involved. Due to a special filler material inside the wheels, you no longer need to worry about the risk of puncturing a tire. The innovative shape with an embossed line significantly increases mobility, making it exceptionally easy to maneuver the stroller. The soft and durable material of the wheels was selected to ensure flawless performance in all seasons and all weather conditions.


Tutis All-Road™ Technology: key features


  • Made of top-notch nylon and enhanced with fiberglass, the wheels are significantly more resistant to scratches and deformation.
  • The special texture of the tires makes them more durable.
  • Self-lubricating POM bushings in the front make it easy to maneuver the wheels as well as protect them from corrosion.
  • The custom PU tire technology with an embossed line distributes the weight to make strolling more agile and tender.
  • Wide low-profile tires ensure easy passage regardless of the terrain.
  • In contrast to regular tires, PU tires remain soft even at low temperatures.
  • The rear bearings absorb around 70% of the total weight (stroller + child).


This innovative technology was designed by Tutis to make moving around with your baby even more comfortable. With Tutis All-Road™ Technology wheels, you’re not limited by seasons, weather, or terrain flaws. It’s the perfect stroller for curious, active, and fearless travelers!


You can already find strollers with Tutis All-Road™ Technology in Tutis Uno³+ and Tutis Viva Life collections. If you prefer to try the new wheels in person, feel free to visit one of our stores at the end of February!