ThermoCot™ – carrycot of the future


No matter for which season you choose the stroller – for the baby to feel comfortable, the carrycot must prevent the entry of cold, wind, or heat and regulate microclimate. For some time now, ThermoCot™ technology used in Tutis strollers and has been performing this function perfectly. We invite you to learn more about this technology.


What is ThermoCot™ made of?


ThermoCot™ is an innovative combination of polyethylene materials that give the carrycot outstanding lightweight, durability, and strength characteristics. Similar material is used in the construction of safety helmets.


How much does the ThermoCot™ carrycot weigh?


The ThermoCot™ carrycot is incredibly light: the first generation carrycot weighs just 0.9 kg while the 2nd generation carrycot weighs only 0.6 kg! With all the carrycot details, plastic reinforcements, and fabric trim, it can weigh between 3.1 and 3.6 kg.




How does ThermoCot™ protect against heat?


ThermoCot prevents the entry of cold, wind, or heat currents, so the baby does not freeze and overheat. These features make the carrycot thermoregulatory, unlike the standard plastic carrycot.

Compared to the plastic carrycot, the thermal resistance of the 1st generation ThermoCot carrycot is 111 times better, and the 2nd generation 65.9 times better thermal resistance, which guarantees the baby comfort in both cold and hot weather. All parts of the carrycot equalize the temperature and prevent moisture from settling, which prevents mold growth.


How does ThermoCot™ protect against external forces?


The combination of materials is very durable yet elastic. Tutis engineering team conducted tests on this carrycot, which showed that the carrycot structure could withstand up to 104 kg. weight, and 24 kg. the weight hit from 0.5 m. height. These tests prove ThermoCot to be the safest carrycot for your baby, providing not only micro-regulation but also protection from external hazards.


ThermoCot™ technology is used in the following Tutis strollers: Aero Tutis, Viva life, Uno, Zippy, Zille, Classic.


You can watch the tests done in this video: