Safe travels from day one


From the very first trip from a hospital back home to countless tours to see the grandparents or visit new places a car seat is among the top most essential pieces of a baby’s equipment. Tutis presents an ultralight Elo i-Size car seat for securely transporting your newborn from day one while offering top notch comfort on the road. 



Unlimited comfort for the little one

Road trips might be long but ergonomic Elo i-Size is the ideal car seat to start your baby’s journey. It features skin friendly and breathable fabrics for optimal body temperature control. Moreover, carefully selected premium fabrics are not only pleasant to baby’s skin but also ensure durability so the car seat stays in top shape even after longer use. 



Fitted to growing baby

As the baby grows, Tutis Elo i-Size has the ability to suit the changing needs while providing maximum comfort. Extremely cozy head and body pillow helps to maintain the proper position of your little one and as the baby gets bigger the pillow can be easily adjusted to suit new needs. Elo i-Size head and body support pillow is designed to suit from birth up to 13 kg.



Considered to be the safest

i-Size is the most up to date EU safety standard for car seats, meaning they have been tested for both rear-end collisions and side impacts. With Tutis Elo i-Size advanced child safety protection is ensured by improved side-impact protection that helps absorb impact forces and reduce the occurrence of serious head and neck injuries combined with a strong safety harness system which secures your little one in place. 




Seamless set up 

Elo i-Size car seat uses the internationally standardized car seat fitting system ISOFIX that connects seamlessly with the car seat base. Beside convenience, this type of set up is extremely safe as the car seat is fixed directly to the child seat base rather than relying on a belt. Furthermore, the lightweight Tutis car seat features an ergonomic handlebar for easy carrying.