Tutis ISOFIX base


Tutis ISOFIX fixation system is intended for baby car seats AERO Tutis, Tutis Viva. The system will ensure safe trip of the baby by car by fastening the baby car seat to the ISOFIX system.

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  • Tutis ISOFIX fixation system suits for baby car seats AERO Tutis, Tutis Viva and Tutis Orbit;
  • The ISOFIX fixation system or 3-point system of safety belts is used;
  • Stable and easy installation due to support foot;
  • It is in compliance with the European safety standard ECE R44 / 04;
  • The easy-to-regulate holder provides additional stability;
  • Protective lock optimizes protection in case of rear stroke

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 37 × 50.8 × 13.5 cm

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: width: 37 cm; height: 13,5 cm; length: 50,8 cm