More freedom to your hands – brand new Tutis cup holder



If you are raising a child, you already have your hands full. That’s why one of Tutis’ goals is to design practical products that make parents’ lives easier. The newest Tutis cup holder has one job only – to give you and your hands freedom and it surely does its job right.


Whether you are multitasking mom who manages to listen to a podcast, have her breakfast smoothie, run errands and read the news while strolling around with your baby or a relaxed mom who wants to stir with both hands and to have them both ready when your baby needs it, new Tutis cup holder is your go-to accessory.


New design

Tutis cup holder keeps your water bottle or latte cup handy, so you can effortlessly quench your thirst and enjoy free hands for the rest of the ride. Due to flexible insert, the new spacious Tutis cup holder can store a bigger variety of cup and bottle sizes. And stability is one of this holder’s main features so you can be sure that even a cup filled to the top will remain stable in a vertical position and there will not be any spillage accidents.


Suitable for all Tutis strollers

Through an integrated attachment with a non-slip rubber pad, it is simple to attach straight to any Tutis stroller handle. Furthermore, its sleek and unpretentious design perfectly matches with all our strollers.


Key features:

  • Prevents spills by keeping various-sized bottles and cups upright
  • Effortless attachment on and off every Tutis stroller
  • With flexible insert to fit more sizes of cups and bottles
  • Made of easy to care plastic: damp towel or napkin is enough to maintain clean
  • Holds up to 0,5 kg
  • Length x width: 10,5×10,5 cm