Black has never been this exciting – limited edition Tutis Mio Plus Thermo Black Collection


First there was Mio Plus followed by even more exciting Mio Plus Thermo. And now it’s time to present the newest Mio Plus edition – the Black Collection. Limited edition black Mio Plus Thermo strollers are an example of rich contemporary elegance.  This collection is characterized by perfectly selected details that together simply create synergy. 



Black edition

The limited collection consists of two models – Rose Gold and Obsidian. Both models share some conceptual similarities as leather Tutis branding details, sophisticated fabric textures, and embroidery on the canopy but they also have some distinctive differences that make each model unique. Obsidian is a true fashion statement. This stroller features a deep black fabric paired with black chrome chassis.


The details on Obsidian are matched perfectly to the color scheme in order to provide a subtle reminder of quality instead of being distracting. Rose Gold has a more muted black for its fabric which creates a striking contrast to the rose gold details on the cot as well as chassis. Rose gold model features a softer color scheme that still grabs attention. 



Jewelry-alike details

Both Obsidian and Rose Gold strollers are decorated with exclusive Tutis details. Jewelry-alike details are matched to each stroller’s color scheme and perfectly blends in while adding a touch of luxury. 



Exclusive leather handle 

Mio Plus Thermo strollers from Black collection are the only ones to feature leather handles. With high quality leather you can be sure the handle will remain intact even after daily usage. Moreover, the soft and pleasant feeling of leather will be inviting for a good long stroll. 



Black stroller for spring?

Yes, if it has Thermo technology. Black color absorbs the most heat so it might not seem as the best option for a warm season but Mio Plus Thermo has something that ensures the optimal temperature control in the cot – Thermo Pad.


This technology allows fresh airflow into a cot and therefore prevents moisture buildup and growth of bacteria or fungus. Furthermore, luxurious UV resistant fabrics chosen for Black Collection are not the ones to fade because of the sun so you can freely enjoy strolling in the sunshine. 



Learning from day one 

Just like all Mio Plus strollers the new models from Black Collection have a special surprise hidden inside the cot – black and white illustration for early development. A variety of high-contrast illustrations inside the canopy helps to strengthen baby’s vision and to develop connections between brain and eyes.

When not napping, your baby will be entertained by black sky and shining stars. 

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