Aero Tutis stroller was chosen by Latvian singer Dināra Rudāne


Aero Tutis stroller was chosen by Latvian singer Dināra Rudāne. Dinara is well known singer in Latvia, not only because of her divine voice, but also because of her unique lifestyle, where hockey, motorcycling and boxing takes a part.


The active lifestyle of the singer still continues even while she is pregnant – while Dinara is waiting for labor of her daughter, she continues to perform on the stage, keeps training at the boxing ring and takes long walks for almost ten kilometers.


The attractive and positive singer finds a place in everyday life also for pregnancy challenges – she’s trying to make needle felted toys for her child, spend the weekends outside her home, loudly listen to music, take a hot shower for a long time, and do everything else that could not be possible for some time after childbirth.


About her stage life she says: “My daughter is always getting ready with me before concerts, but when they start, she always calms down and listens carefully.”


Asking Dinara how she felt, when she found out that she was pregnant, the singer replied: “Nothing changed. I now have a big belly and it is quite inconvenient to wear shoes, but in the first seven months I used to forget, and even with a growing belly, I could lay on it, only after that remembering that I am pregnant. (laughs) I feel that there is something in me, but with the wisdom of being I am incapable to understand that it is a person.”


Dinara has already bought clothes and chosen the stroller for her daughter. “I was attracted by Aero Tutis visually and I loved that the stroller came with everything I needed as “three in one”. The most important criteria was lightness. Definitely – lightness. Also, as I don’t think that the look of the stroller is somehow important for the child, I just chose the stroller that I liked the most – the white one.”


It’s a pleasure for us to share the joy of waiting for Dinara’s baby, and we feel happy that Aero Tutis will lead the singer daughter’s first walk.


Follow Dinara’s pregnancy journey on instagram.

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